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A few years back, I had a mutual friend whose claim to fame was the number of women he had slept with and he could go on and on bragging about how good he were in the act of sleeping with women that our friendship began to wane because, I in particular wasn’t gaining anything instructive or constructive from him each time we engaged in any issue at all.

One of the days, I called his attention to the fact that if he got accustomed to the lifestyle of “LESS SELF CONTROL” over sex issues, he may end up engaging in rape and I wasn’t kidding about it at all.

Sure, this was exactly how much I felt bad for him and I wasn’t going to allow him destroy himself and his mothers reputation, being an Evangelist of sort, though very difficult, but I had to try my best to keep up with pushing him out of the idea that sex was all it takes to have relationships with women.

My friend was very adamant till one-day, according to him, a girl he wanted came around to visit, but luck ran out on him that the lady was seeing her period and not ready to listen to her, my friend wanted to have his way any which way, but the lady refused and walked out of the house by force and you know what?

My friend was already in the mood to have sex and didn’t know what to do to kill the urge, so, he decided to call in the 11years old daughter of his neighbor who was on mid-term break from school and as he was trying to force the girl to remove her undies, the mother of the child screamed her name from their house and she, being a child, screamed back with force in response of her mother’s call and on noticing the way she behaved when she got into the house, the mother became curious and ask what was going on and she vomited all my friend was about to do when she heard her call and that was the beginning of my friends trouble with the police.

Though sorted out now, but that incident left him with no other option than to take control of his Libido and sexual life and as I write, I can attest to the fact that Femi my friend is now in full control.

So, how many of us would like to have NEAR-BAD CASES before taking control of our lives and truly:


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