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GUN SHOTS IN VGC: MD & CEO Of Mainland Oil & Gas Ltd, Chris Odinaka Igwe Alleged To Have Opened Fire After Dog Encounter Turns Hostile.

Chris Odinaka Igwe .

The serene Victoria Garden City, VGC Estate was rattled by gunfire as a confrontation between residents escalated into a dangerous situation.

Princess Joylin Mateno Ohoro, a resident of VGC Estate, found herself at the center of the chaos when an early morning dog-related incident spiraled out of control.

According to Princess Joylin Mateno Ohoro’s account, the altercation began innocuously enough with a minor car issue outside her residence. As she awaited her business partner, George Ezenwa, for a scheduled appointment, a simple car battery malfunction delayed their plans, but when her dog unexpectedly followed Mr. Ezenwa outside the premises, a passerby’s reaction triggered a chain of events.

The individual, identified as Prince Chris Odinaka Igwe, who lives at Road 12, off Road 3, VGC Estate and the owner of PEACE MALL VGC and Mainland Oil and Gas Ltd.

Prince Igwe had reportedly panicked at the sight of the dog and stumbled, leading to a fall. Seemingly incensed by the incident, Prince Igwe returned shortly thereafter with an armed companion, unleashing a volley of gunshots towards Princess Joylin Mateno Ohoro’s property. The situation escalated further when Princess Joylin Mateno Ohoro’s young son unwittingly emerged from the house during the gunfire, adding to the already fraught circumstances.

Despite desperate pleas for calm from Princess Joylin Mateno Ohoro, Mr. George Ezenwa, and concerned neighbors like Mr. Henry Nelson, Prince Igwe allegedly continued to threaten violence, even menacingly vowing to target other dogs in the neighborhood.

Adding to the gravity of the situation, Prince Igwe is identified as a prominent figure within the VGC community, being the owner of PEACE MALL VGC and residing at P47a, Road 12, off Road 3, VGC Estate. This revelation underscores the need for swift and decisive action to address the escalating tensions within the estate.

The harrowing ordeal left Princess Joylin Mateno Ohoro deeply traumatized, compounded by the fear for her family’s safety and the well-being of her grandmother, who had to be rushed to the hospital amidst the chaos.

The incident sheds light on the importance of conflict resolution and community safety measures within residential areas, urging for greater vigilance and cooperation among neighbors to prevent such alarming events from recurring. Authorities have been alerted, and investigations into the matter are underway to ensure the safety and security of all residents within VGC Estate.

As tensions simmer in the aftermath of this morning’s events, residents are left grappling with the stark reality of violence encroaching upon their once-tranquil enclave.

Prince Chris Odinaka Igwe is a Nigerian entrepreneur and business man. He is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Mainland Oil and Gas Company Limited and the Chairman of Chrisnak Groups Limited. He is also a recipient of the officer of Order of the Federal Republic National Award


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  1. Anonymous06:22

    Keep your dogs on leash at all times. This could have been prevented if the dog didn't threaten the man.

  2. Anonymous11:39

    Why would a dog owner be so careless in this manner ???

  3. Anonymous18:46

    I totally agree with you

  4. Anonymous22:37

    Obviously this story was written to malign his character while leaving out the dog owner’s carelessness in putting a leash on her dog.


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