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Cleaners Reveal Strange Things They've Seen At Work.

Cleaners get to see parts of people's homes they don't normally show off to guests as part of their day to day jobs.

And this means they get to see the things people perhaps don't want everyone to see...

A new survey of more than 2,000 cleaners has revealed some of the strangest things they've ever come across while they were work - and the results are just as weird as you would expect.

The top ten list, produced by local services marketplace , includes a box of ladies fingernails, a Voodoo doll full of pins and a 5ft plaster cast of a p-nis.

Kai Feller, co-founder, said: "It’s interesting to see the sorts of things people have in their houses, cleaners get a unique and intimate insight into the lives of others, I doubt there’s ever a dull day on the job.

"I hope member of the public will have a newfound respect for cleaners after seeing the results of our research - it’s obvious that they have to put up with the most weird and wonderful requests on a daily basis."

Ten of the weirdest items cleaners have found in a client’s house:

1.     A cardboard box full of ashes

2.     A collection of Voodoo dolls full of pins

3.     A clean chicken carcass under a pile of magazines

4.     A jewellery box full of ladies’ fingernails

5.     5ft plaster cast statue of a penis

6.     A sexual dollhouse brothel

7.     A real elephant’s foot
8.     A jar of dead moths

9.     A replica farm in the living room complete with real grass and watering holes

10.  A 10-inch wooden dildo

The cleaners also revealed some of the more awkward things that have happened, including a client bursting in to use the loo when they were cleaning the shower.

One turned the TV on find a porn playing, while her boss was in the room.

One woman was also made to wear a webcam while she was cleaning a home.

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