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It is no news that the world has become a global village, an inter-collection of boundless, limitless connectivity of thoughts and Ideas streaming across countries and continents at large. 

To this end, we are proud and most excited to announce the launch of what we believe to be one of the most intriguing, interesting and absolutely engaging games of 2019.

We present to you “CHINCHIN GAMES”, a forward-thinking, thought leading gaming company, dedicated to churn out mobile gaming application that will be beneficial to the growth and development of both physical and mental well being of the African Child and indeed all Africans. 

ChinChin Games Nig. Ltd. in collaboration with Xaobai IT Company, a renowned Technological company in China launched two fascinating games on the Google PlayStore, namely; Path Tricks and Numbers Challenge. 

In less than a month of the launch, these games have been well accepted largely amongst the teenage/adolescent population who have given positive and constructive reviews of their experience about the games. The games generated a total of 2,000 plus downloads in less than a month of its launch, with an achievable expectation to get over 20,000 downloads before the end of the year 2019. Both games have also trended globally in their various categories on Google PlayStore, gallantly seating on #2 most trending gaming app during this period. 
The Team.
The Games in Brief.

PATH TRICKS: As the name of the game implies, Pathtricks is a casual yet graphical game that keeps players on the edge of excitement. Players are expected to drive a car through a crooked path from a starting point to the finish line. This drive through experience is constituted or guided by soft/hard/metallic/smooth tunes depending on the level a player is playing. A simple touch or tap on the screen directs the movement of the car as the player navigates through the crooked and delicate path in Path Tricks. A player loses only when he/she veers untimely to the boundaries (culverts) on the path. As a hint; the music playing in the background serves as a guide, if followed trough properly. This game requires rapt attention and focus to cross the finish line. 

NUMBERS CHALLENGE: This is a highly calculative game that engages players, enhances analytical and mathematical skills. Numbers challenge basically and with most subtlety reenacts the Snake Game from the old Nokia 3310 mobile phone. It is a game of numbers that puts the players on an adrenaline rush as they navigate through small tiles and large blocks, which adds to their period of survival or reduced and eventually extinct the snake respectively. This game also requires rapt attention to remain in the game as the levels get even tougher as you move. 
ChinChin Games have endorsed over 20 Brand Ambassadors who are young, enthusiastic, vibrant and most importantly game lovers. They have been selected and fully branded with branded ChinChin shirts, caps and other materials, vested with the singular task to enhance brand exposure, product support and also drive downloads for the games. 

More interesting games are to be expected from the stables of ChinChin games. The technical team are willing to give opportunities to local developers and creative minds to work with the team in diaspora. More astonishing features will also be integrated. Players will be able to interact with one another, purchases of items within the games will also become seamless, the future is looking bright for ChinChin Games, not only in the Nigerian space but Africa at large. 

Finally, the most anticipated gaming conference in Africa will be organized by ChinChin.

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