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How A ONE-TIME Biggest Politician In Abia State, ACB Agbazuere Fell From TOP To Bottom.

Hon. Ginger Onwibibe & Prof. ACB Agbazuere.

Professor ACB Agbazuere was a Chief of Staff to the Governor of Abia State, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu, who was instrumental to the mismanagement of the state, as he carried his office as Chief of Staff on his head like a demigod whose words were yes and amen in the state during his time, misbehaving and taking people for granted out of his greed.

For a whole ACB Agbazuere to be on the same ballot with a member of the State House of Assembly should be a slap he is never to recover from and being bitten hands-down by the same little fry (pardon the language) should send him to a perpetual retirement from politics, especially with the way he carried himself and handled people who came in contact with him.

One had thought Agbazuere would take over from Okezie Ikpeazu as Governor, with their seemingly closeness, and even at the demise of the former  candidate of the PDP, Professor Uche Ikonne, one was expecting the governor to forward the name of Agbazuere to INEC in Abuja, but that didn't happen, meaning that the relationship some of us outside the Government house thought they had was simply a lie from the onset.

Imagine the Almighty ACB Agbazuere on the ballot for the House of Representatives, not Senate, not Governor and he was defeated with a large margin, showing he had reached the climax of his political career in Abia State and going by findings by "Precious Eze's Blog", he had a stroke attack and bedridden, to the extent that he could not come out to vote for himself in the Saturday, the 25th of February election, meaning that it is really finished for him in the political scheme of things in Abia State.

In the coming weeks, whether Labour Party's Alex Otti wins or PDP's Chief Ambrose Okechukwu Ahaiwe, it would be difficult for anyone of them to work with Agbazuere, that is, if he recovers from the stroke attack he is suffering from.

You would recall that Professor ACB Agbazuere was, as Chief of Staff, video tapped with controversial pastor, Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje (a.k.a Indaboski) of the Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention Ministries, who paid him a courtesy visit in his office and had Agbazuere spraying him on live camera.

Agbazuere never recovered from that scandal as he was asked to resign from office by the Governor who was heavily embarrassed by the heavy criticism the video generated for the state government at the time. He resigned as Chief of Staff, with nothing heard of him till he picked the House of Representatives ticket, for which he was further shown the way out disgracingly.

May Abia never experience anyone like Professor ACB Agbazuere again.

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