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Meet Hon. Emma Nwangwu, The Special Adviser In Enugu Who Had S*x With A Married Woman Along The Corridors Of Nsukka LGA Secretariat.

Emma Nwangwu.

The abominable activities pervading the entire fabric of Enugu State politics have continued to ooze its putrid smell, as both the elders and the young in the entire Nsukka Local Government Area are calling down their deities to avenge the desecration of the land by politicians and their aides.

Adultery is an abominable act forbidden by the entire land of Nsukka and it is believed to have grievous consequences for the perpetrators and even their offspring, if the necessary sacrifices and atonements are not done.

This is the cloud that is prevailing in the entire Nsukka Local Government Area, where the Special Adviser to the local government Chairman on Transport, Hon Emmanuel Nwangwu, was identified in a video trending on social media as the person who was allegedly having canal knowledge of a yet-to-be-identified married woman.

In the trending video, Hon Nwangwu, whose phone number is 08102456656, can be observed having sexual knowledge of the woman, who spread her wrapper on the bare floor, while the senior aide was struggling to work his organ into an erection.

In the video, which was apparently recorded by him, the Chairman’s aide was seen trying to shield his own face, while making sure the married woman’s face and private parts were captured by the camera.

At a point, he even reached up to expose the woman’s breasts, which was under the covering of her brassiere.


In what also makes many believe the act was done in exchange for some favours, and the video, recorded as a source of blackmail against the woman, Hon Nwangwu can be heard telling the woman in the local dialect that with the sexual act, the two of them had become one, and after the act, which did not last one minute, he also asked if he should end the video.

Social media in the university town of Nsukka has been filled with umbrage since the video began to trend. Many people have harsh words for the LGA Chairman, Hon. Walter Ozioko, who was accused of unilaterally condoning the evil of a number of his aides, and actually went to the police to secure the release of Hon Nwangwu, who was arrested following a report of the incident by the family of the woman.

It was gathered that Hon Nwangwu, is Walter Ozioko’s favourite aide, and recently promoted him from a Special Assistant on Transport to Special Adviser as a reward for his performance in the last elections.

The LGA Chairman, it was also reported, was mandated by the former Governor of Enugu State, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, to pay the Chairman’s aide, some millions of naira in wardrobe and furniture allowances, even when such was not approved for other aides of the Chairman.

It is not clear why Walter Ozioko, whose people of Nsukka forbid adultery, is indulging Hon Nwangwu, but insiders suggest it is not unconnected with the local government elections scheduled to take place in February 2024, during which the Chairman would need the services of his aide for all the dirty jobs required to secure his second term in office.

As at the time of filing this report, Hon Nwangwu, who is said to come from Opi, also in Nsukka Local Government Area, is moving around the Nsukka town with increasing authority, buoyed by the silent support he is getting from the LGA Chairman.

Only recently, he was given the task of supervising the election of the Tricycle Riders Association in the town, against the will of the members of the union.

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