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JAPA Syndrome Hits Deeper Life Bible Church As Pastor Kumuyi Relocates To The UK (VIDEO).


Reverend W. F Kumuyi of the Deeper Life Bible Church with over One Million members in Nigeria has relocated to the United Kingdom after campaigning for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to be voted in the last presidential elections.

Pastor Kumuyi in the video attached here, clearly and openly admitted to being based in the UK from where he oversees his church through the same means (Television) he preached against many years ago.
You would recall that the man of God who was a lead in the preaching of Holiness and the avoidance of things of this world is now using the same things of this world to preach to his flocks from the new base, the United Kingdom.

Deeper Life Bible Church, headquartered in the Gbagada area of Lagos, according to him, has over 1million members and several branches across the world, but running away in the midst of the current economic situation in the country after campaigning openly for now president Bola Tinubu is unexpected from him as a man of God and for the fact that he now used satelite broadcast platform to preach to his members, same platform he originally condemned shows alot to be desired of.

Anyways, we wish him well wherever he finds peace, either here in Nigeria or in the UK where he currently live, but joining the JAPA syndrome is something most of us did not expect from a revered man of God like himself.

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