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Bishop Kumchacha Explains Why MEN Cheat.

There was a  bizarre round of applause for Controversial Ghanaian Bishop., Kumchacha as he explained why many Men Cheat.

The cleric who claims to know all the sex positions this world, while speaking on e.TV Ghana’s ‘In Bed With Adwen said the reason why many men cheat in relationships and marriages is that their partners do not satisfy them well in bed.

He further stated that it is important that women should understand how to satisfy their partners in the bedroom.

“Men cheat in a relationship because most of the women are not able to satisfy them well during sexual intercourse. Ladies should learn how to have good sex with their husbands and always make them happy in bed.” he said

In his previous controversial statement, Kumchacha mentioned that the world will come to an end the day he does not sleep with his wife.

He revealed that he had as much as 35 different sex styles he uses in the bedroom and they are for his pleasure and that of his wife:

He said:

“I have 35 sex styles; so you can’t be my wife and be saying you’re tired of having sex; no matter how tired you are; you must avail yourself to me anytime l want it.”

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