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YOU INSPIRE HOPE IN THE NIGERIA YOUTH – Abia Gov., Okezie Ikpeazu To Gov., Yahaya Bello Of Kogi State.

Okezie Ikpeazu & Yahaya Bello.

In what appeared to be a general consensus, Abia State Governor, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu has joined others in describing  Governor Yahaya Bello as a  leader with courageous standpoint.  'You are a leader with the enviable record of breaking the ceiling, you inspire hope in the hearts and kinds of Nigerian youths'. 

Gov. Ikpeazu gave this verdict on Friday when he received Governor Bello in a courtesy visit at the state capital in Umuahia. 

He said “from 2016 till date, I have watched you keenly and the unmatched strategies you have deployed to ensure Kogi state is sufficiently safe so as to drive your economic agenda. Although the issue of security is abstract, it is central to all other activities and now that Kogi is safe, I am sure the state will join the leagues of economically advanced states” 

He added “you are leading a paradigm shift and I admire the kind of energy I see in your cabinet. You inspire hope in the young ones and knowing fully well that this country belongs to them, you have shown that if we give equal opportunity to the young ones, they are capable of occupying very strategic leadership positions, driving policies and programs across every state for the betterment of our nation” 

Gov. Ikpeazu also saluted the visiting Governor’s position to galvanize the nation while he also associated himself with the view of a one indivisible Nigeria being the only country we have reiterated that the idea of “Canaan land” was a gradual process. 

Adding that it was  God’s intention of bringing us together as a nation to lead Africa and such a mission remains impossible without a united front. 

The Governor frowned at the ugly trend of ethnic profiling, stating that crimes exist independent of tribal affiliations. The rascality of a few should not be greeted on a whole. The Igbo nation he reiterated is firmly committed to one Nigeria, and everywhere in Nigeria is home to them. 

He added that misunderstandings in some segments cannot be avoided but with patience and tolerance, mutual understanding would be enhanced across all divides. The unity of this country lies in the stoic responsibility of those who have benefited from the country in time past and must ensure its stability for the generations coming after. 

Governor Bello Earlier in his remarks reaffirmed his belief in the unity and oneness of Nigeria eluding that despite certain concerns going on in the country, Nigeria would not divide. 

The Governor noted that he has a cordial relationship with Dr Ikpeazu noting that despite being in different political parties, religion and region he has maintained this cordialness with him alongside other Governors from the region. 

The Governor expressed that certain negative impressions established about the region were false because Kogi state have Igbos living peacefully in the state who were contributing their quota towards the economic, political and social development of the state. 

He affirmed that although some parts of the country might be agitated due to certain uncharitable practices, he advised that it was only on the dialogue table that provides the legal means to help resolve these.


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