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Nollywood Veteran Actor, Barbara Odoh Changes Name, Now To Be Known As "Oluwadarasimi Chiukwu".

Oluwadarasimi Chiukwu.

This is one of the best times for Nollywood veteran actor, Barbara Odoh has finally taken the name she is known and addressed with off her documents and has opted for the one that resonates with her current state of mind, as she has not only changed her former name, but has also documented and trademarked them.

The change document.
In the document she personally sent to "Precious Eze's Blog", the very eloquent and intelligent veteran says she had to find expression through her change of name and this is her way of expressing the testimonies of God in her life.

So, Barbara Amaka Odoh is now known and should be addressed as, OLUWADARASIMI CHIAMAKA CHIUKWU. All former documents remain valid.

This platform probed further to ascertain the reason or reason for her action, but the veteran wouldn't bulge, but promises to disclose this to us if there is need to.

The change of name was published in the Sun Newspapers of Tuesday, the 16th of August, 2022, following sworn affidavit.

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