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PH Based Gospel Musician, Bamidele Abyie Adeeko Harasses Rivers State Sole Administrator Of PMAN, Lady IB, Threatens To Inflict Bodily Harm On Her, Called Her Unprintable Names.

Lady IB & Bamidele Abyie Adeeko.

In these days of men killing women and using them for ritual purposes, with the trend increasing in leaps and bounds, one has to be careful when threats are made on their lives, even if such threats are made through phone conversations, either in anger or by joke.

This is the ordeal of the Sole Administrator of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, PMAN in Rivers State, Ibitoru Green, also known as Lady IB.

Precious Eze’s Blog” was able to get hold of the private conversation between herself and one Bamidele Abyie Adeeko, who was threatening the lady, accusing her of not going for the surgery she told members of the association she was going for, ridiculing her and using her health condition to make mockery of her.

The insults Dele poured on Lady IB had almost sent her into depression, as he also used her colour as an ALBINO to make jest of her, a married woman with children, whom Bamidele Abyie Adeeko is supposed to be praying for and using his talents as a supposed gospel artiste to encourage, he is instead, giving himself an instrument to destroy a woman who had just come out of a cancer surgery.

Their licked chats, where Dele was raining insults and abuses on Lady IB are here attached to this story, while this medium is calling on the national body of the Performing Musician Association of Nigeria, PMAN to rise to the occasion and take action to protect the sanity of the woman whose mental health had been dealt a big blow, during and after undergoing treatment for cancer.

With what “Precious Eze’s Blog” gathered from the private chat made available to us, it is believed that Dele, who is a PH based Gospel artist should control his urge to attack people, moreso, a woman and also, control his envy against the PMAN Sole Administrator, Lady IB whom he was calling a prostitute and a scammer, including some names this platform would not want to dignify his action here with.

Lady IB after her surgery.

The fowl mouth gospel artiste, Bamidele.


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  1. Anonymous20:21

    Thank you very much and God bless you for this
    People were quick to call her names and judge her without knowing the whole story, now see
    Look at the kind of unscrupulous words that he used for her..
    A woman with children and he calls himself a Christian and an anointed man of God
    Such a shame

  2. Prettyviva20:26

    My dear, and you won’t tell me that one or two persons don’t know about his promiscuity and the reason behind her flaring up but they all kept quite to it, forgetting say rain no Dey fall under one person roof

  3. A Gospel artist indeed, with gutter words.. he should stop climbing our church altars to avoid contamination

    1. But he is a gospel Artiste Nah? Isn't that what he is?

  4. Anonymous00:08

    This is just the beginning of his downfall, alot of persons can confirm to his insolent character and outrageous womanizing.... God thank you for showing a way to bring him down.

  5. Anonymous05:48

    She should also bring her own chats out..because I can read from the chat he replied her..she called him “bleaching king dwarf”, “I’m so happy that your mama marry plenty and your papa no pay her bride price so that makes you a bastard”, “how many times kings don drive you but you always go back to beg with chief” make she bring the beginning of the chat first no be to post half half stories

    1. Anonymous07:52

      At least I am happy that you can see what she said in between the chats knowing fully well,he said something and she responded which is atypical of every human being and you will stand here, open your wide mouth and tell me that if someone calls you all of this,you won’t reply back..
      You that is here talking,check well you might even be as terrible and nasty as he is or even worse.
      As they say Birds of the same feathers they flock together..

    2. Anonymous09:20

      You must be very stupid for coming under my comment are also worse than all of us ..ewu

    3. Anonymous09:32

      My dear you are right I am stupid and you are also stupid and very foolish for coming to comment rubbish on this platform like you have your head stuck in a wall.
      He came on social media and brought his side of the story,I am sure you were among those under his comment section talking trash about the woman,now she has started to post her own side and you are here talking rubbish..
      I know he has sent you to come here and talk rubbish,so go back and collect your reward from your boss
      And you call me ewu,my dear it’s better to eat grass than to sell yourself too cheap for 10naira


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