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Using The Richness Of The Yoruba Language & Culture Makes My Music Very Unique - Dotun Future.

Dotun Future.

Multi talented Gospel Juju, Tungba group  D’Future Band led by Dotun Ogunlabi is one of the versatile and outstanding music group known by lovers of heavy percussion and traditional music across the country in Nigeria and Nigeria communities around the globe.

The band is expected to storm the United States soon to spread its gospel of good music vibes which many find infectious. Leader of the band, Dotun told this medium that he prefers serenading their patrons in Yoruba language not only because the language is well spread and accepted across the world, the richness of the Yoruba culture which covers folklore, traditional beats, orational chants, makes it a listening pleasure to the audience.

Speaking about his kind of music he shared that, “My music is exceptional because I have a unique and peculiar way of transitioning between all genre of music in a cosmopolitan manner.”

Dotun and his band have won numerous awards over the years attesting to his exceptional performances getting its much needed recognitions, appreciation speaks to why he is indeed a fans favourite. As the dates to his tour gets closer he would be performing at some venues alongside several US based artiste as well as one of Nigeria’s finest, Laolu Gbenjo.

For Dotun and his band, they have been serving good music for over two decades dishing out a deeply rooted cultural melody laced fusion of traditional beats spiced with inspirational and gospel vibes centered on Tungba and Juju rhythms which fans can always expect to enjoy at every given time. So in anticipation for the tour, the US fans can expect much more of his musical artistry. 

With several albums listed in his discography and major singles that have serenaded the hearts of many, he is set to take his musical prowess to the United States of America in association with Sammek Moments Entertainment, one of the leading promotion companies in America. Asides from his tour, he would also be a part of Sammek Entertainment 10th anniversary celebrations and an award for international recognition is also in view to be earned.


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