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Governor Fubara Dares FCT Emperor, Wike, Sets Up Committee To Recover Government Properties.

Wike & Fubara.

The Governor of Rivers State, Sim Fubara has set up a committee to recover all Rivers State properties falsely grabbed by the former Governor of the state, Nyesom Wike.

According to information available to “Precious Eze’s Blog”, below are a list of some of the properties identified for immediate recovery.

1. The old NDDC building on Aba road

2. The mall on GRA junction (under demolition)

3. ⁠West African Glass Industry

4. ⁠Rivers State University Hostel K Campus

5. ⁠Rivers State High Rise aka PHC Towers

6. ⁠Nigeria Engineering Works aka NEW

7. ⁠Civil servants Lodge building @ Old GRA

8. ⁠Shoprite complex

9. ⁠The Hypercity land by NLNG roundabout (Estern Bypass)

10. ⁠The entire Government properties from Tombia junction to Opobo Crescent, spanning over 20 buildings. 

This platform will keep you updated as we get more details of other state properties to be recovered by the committee.


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  1. Anonymous21:18

    Fubara ,the Fearless lion in the jungle

  2. Anonymous21:26

    I love this. More courage sir. God be with you.

  3. Anonymous08:29

    That's right decision . God is with you.


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