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Housemaid & Husband.
I was shocked to my bones recently when discussing with a married female friend of mine on a lot of issues when suddenly, she told me that she has discovered that married men like to make out or have sexual relationships with their housemaids other than their wives.

Was I surprised? Well, I wasn’t surprised as it were but shocked that any man in his right senses would prefer a maid in the house to his own wife and I began to probe further to get answers to the questions that immediately unburdened my heart.

I hear that men these days do a lot of work with their noses than they do with their eyes and therefore prefers THE SMELLS that emanates from the dirty armpits of the housemaids and generally like the smell of the unclean lady to that of their wives who may have washed and washed off everything natural thing on her body that the only thing the man perceives when he arrives home is either deodorants, sprays or perfumes which majority of time, are REPELLING to the man.

Infact, I heard through that discussion that when men come in tired from work, what they need at that point is not the smell of perfume or deodorants, but natural smells that exudes from a young lady who may not have taken her bath from morning till evening, sweating from all parts of her body and have sweats dripping off her like a Christmas Goat.

What I don’t know is if any man would come out publicly to admit preferring this, but for a married woman to have discussed Passionately about this new trend happening in homes, it means that truly, it is becoming a trend which is gradually taking over homes without notice.

The question is, what exactly do some of these men who cheat their wives with their maids see in these maids that are sometimes very dirty and irritating to the point of impregnating some of them??

Do men really prefer them naturally unkempt and prefer their dirty sweats?

One of the most disgusting information I got from that discussion concerning this matter is that some of the men with this peculiar desire go ahead to LICK SWEATS from the body of these dirty housemaids, which I heard relaxes their nerves after everyday’s stress at their workplaces and it is one area of their lives their wives would never understand nor comprehend.

I am pushed to ask exactly what it is wives whose husbands cheat on with housemaids think the man is always looking for, as some of these husbands may have cheated with not one, two or three housemaids in the same house and you think there is nothing the man is seeing you don’t have as his wife??

In as much as this sound very absorb, but it is breaking homes everyday and the earlier women start adjusting to the taste of the husbands, the better for their marriages.

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